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ININ delivered Community Research Workshop as part of Circular Tourism Lab by CSCP Germany

The Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), based in Wuppertal, Germany is a not-for-profit organisation working on sustainability in various sectors. In Vietnam, they are currently working on a pilot project of circular economy in tourism sector. They organise hybrid workshops with existing tourism SMEs during April-May 2022 in Hue City. The workshops seek to introduce the topic of circular economy in tourism and the related topics such as food waste and marine plastic litter. The planned activities also include a co-creation workshop to ideate and prototype new tourism products that may support the circular economy.

As part of this Circular Lab, ININ as a local incubator contributed a session on Community Research Tools to provide insights into grassroots community development work, and introduce the research tools that can support the work of tourism SMEs in designing circular tourism projects.

Ms. My Linh Nguyen, Director at ININ represented at the workshops to deliver the presentation. Other speakers include representatives from CSCP, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, TUI Care Foundation, and the local authority of Tam Giang Lagoon (Hue City).

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