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Through a series of workshop and bootcamp, SECD provides a learning platform with useful materials related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), research and development tools for Social Enterprises and Social Projects.


The programme aims to raise awareness towards sustainability and increase public participation in solving social challenges by providing necessary information, knowledge and practical tools for you to build and develop social business solutions.

What you will learn
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Project & Impact Management


Each workshop is customised based on a specific social issue (For example: Environmental Pollution & Climate Change) 

Duration: 2 hours

Date & Time: Next workshop TBD

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  • Get to know your peers! Join an amazing group of participants who care about the same social issues that you do.

  • Knowledge Quiz: Check how much you actually know about the workshop's topic, and learn new insights at the same time! 

  • 101 with a special Guest: This session allows participants to learn about the causes and effects of a social issue from a Guest Speaker within the sector, as well as Q&A to know what you can do to address it. 

  • Debate: Work in teams to debate with your peers about an assigned challenge. This activity enables participants to look at the issues with diverse perspectives, as well as understand their roles in creating solutions. 

  • Sharing: Any thoughts or feelings on the topic? We're here for you!

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The bootcamp is structured based on 3 types of activities distributed equally over the total time of the sessions: 33% Active Listening - 33% Coaching & activities - 33% Group work 

Duration: 16 hours

Date & Time: Next bootcamp TBD

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  • Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Learn about the goals that will bring humanity forward, and the role of youth in achieving them. 

  • Introduction to Design Thinking: Design Thinking is a problem solving approach. Learn how it can help you create a solution that is relevant to the people that benefit from your idea. 

  • Design Thinking Tools: What can you do to define and understand a social challenge? How do you approach a local community? What are the best ways to ideate? Is there a cheap and quick ways to test if an idea would work? Learn practical tools that will help you answer all the questions above. 

  • Social Business Model: What are different models to create impact? Why start a social business? How to create one? Learn and do it yourself with the help of our coaches. 

  • Project & Impact Management: How to ensure your project is financially sustainable in the long term? What are the ways you can measure and communicate your impact? How to pitch your idea for support? We'll help you learn the fundamentals that would ensure your project's success. 

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Who can join?
  • Age: 18 years-old and above 

  • Language: Vietnamese speakers 

  • Commitment: No registration fee required, with some exception which will be announced in advance

  • Certificate: Participants will receive completion Certificate upon completion of the Bootcamp 

  • If you're interested in leading a social project or a social business, join us and kickstart your vision today! 

We encourage members of underprivileged local communities, people with disabilities, women and girls, sexual and gender minorities, marginalised ethnic minorities, and those who are vulnerable to violence and poverty to join us. We provide specialised support for your participation and your voice is highly critical in raising awareness on related social challenges. 

Date & Time of the next workshop & bootcamp are not yet decided.

Register today to reserve your spot when our next programme is scheduled! 

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